The Care and Feeding of Your Chakras

The Care and Feeding of Your Chakras


The Care and Feeding of Your Chakras with Pauline Monteiro

Sunday, March 3rd 1:00pm-3pm

This class is for anyone who wants to take control of their energy field.   Did you know that your chakras and your emotions directly affect each other?  A cleared aligned chakra system (energy field), will provide tons of energy and a great sense of love and joy. This class will teach you the basics for aligning your chakras.  This will result in more joy and vitality!

Class will cover the following with discussion, exercises and meditations:

-         Benefits of a clear energy field & the impact of a field that is not aligned

-         Chakra definition and meditation on each of the major 7

-         Grounding

-         Cord cutting

-         Clearing entire auric field

-         Good energy hygiene for daily living

-         Connecting to Source, Universal Energy

-         Practical exercises to assist in sensing energy and the chakras



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