Introduction to Astrology with Mary D’Alba

Introduction to Astrology with Mary D’Alba


Introduction to Astrology with Mary D’Alba

April 28th 1pm-4pm/$99

Astrology is much more than reading your horoscope.  It’s a predictive science of planets, houses and signs that make up each one of us.  The more you understand your chart, the more you can understand and develop yourself and see when events will occur.

 In this Introductory class, we will discuss:

  • The Planets- We’ll explore the planets in your chart - what is happening in your life when you were born and now as the planets move (or transit)

  • The Signs- More than just your horoscope we’ll look at the characteristics of the signs and how they affect and give personality to the planets.

  • The Houses- We’ll take a look at where things are happening in your life and how planets in the houses shape events.

  • The Aspects- What happens when the planets are moving and how they activate your natal planets to bring luck, opportunities or challenges.

This three hour class will give you a basic understanding of your chart and how astrology works.  

***Please provide your birthdate, birth time and birthplace (by email to: and a chart will be provided to you at class




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