Massage & Polarity

Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is a combination of therapeutic massage and Polarity therapy for the ultimate in relaxation experience. Learn about the types of massage therapy offered at True North Wellness, below.

Swedish Massage

A full body massage for deep relaxation and to help blood flow to, and remove toxins from the muscles.  

Deep Tissue

A slower, deeper, and more focused massage on areas that are constantly stressed and tight to help loosen those muscles and improve function.   

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a very light and relaxing form of body work that uses various pressure points to help clear blocked energy and clear the chakras within your body's energetic system.


Warm, moist compresses applied to greater areas of tension and tightness before massage to help relax the area of concern prior to massage.

ROM / Stretching

Techniques used on various areas of the body to help stretch the muscle during massage to aid in regaining range of motion and functionality.

Pregnancy Massage

Therapeutic massage with the use of pillows for propping and side lying techniques.

Oncology Massage

Therapeutic massage but with light touch on area's where treatment is occuring or lymph nodes have been removed.  Pillows can be used for imobilization of affected areas. *Physician's note must be brought to session stating that it is safe to receive massage.

Massage Therapist

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