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Angel Readings by Pauline Monteiro-Solis (3/16)

Angel Readings by Pauline Monteiro-Solis 3/16

Angel Readings by Pauline Monteiro-Solis on Saturday, March 16th 10am-2pm

Half-Hour $65 and One-Hour $111

To book a reading, please contact Pauline at:


Rev. Pauline Monteiro, 
Intuitive Psychic Oracle
Angel Card Readings

My readings are grounded in love and compassion.  I  connect with the divine higher realms to provide insight and healing.  I am also driven to share with others so that they may experience transformative love in their own lives and lead a more loving, joyful and purpose filled spiritual life.  I also do house parties, healings and spiritual coaching.  I am an ordained minister and a perpetual student.  Since childhood I have been intuitive, aware of the unseen spiritual world and have studied extensively for years.