True North Hypnosis


WELCOME! If you are looking for a certified clinical hypnotist north of Boston, you have arrived at the right place! 

We are Karen Ferris and Georgeanne Richards, co-founders of True North Hypnosis LLC.

Do you need to break bad habits, relieve insomnia, manage pain, lose weight, overcome anxieties, improve your memory, increase your creativity, help promote your own healing or simply relax?

Hypnosis is a magnificent tool to facilitate healing, behavior modification and personal empowerment.

Hypnosis activates a deep relaxation response in your body that reduces sympathetic nervous system activity, decreases blood pressure, slows heart rate, and accelerates healing.  Through hypnosis you realize what an empowered part you play in how your life unfolds. You learn techniques and ideas that become lifetime tools.

Let hypnosis put you back in control of your life, your body, and your relationships!

For Your Well-Being

stress reduction • weight loss • smoking cessation • improved memory & learning • increased creativity • sports enhancement • healing • anxiety & depression • phobias & trauma • physical & emotional pain

Available services:

Group hypnosis clinics, Private hypnosis sessions, Individual hypno-reiki sessions, Special events that incorporate hypnosis, Reiki healing and chakra balancing, Corporate presentations, Community & Educational presentations

Thank you for what you do for my body, mind, and spirit!
— Marcia