Sound Healing with Joe Hayes: Celebrating Spring!

Sound Healing with Joe Hayes: Celebrating Spring!


Sound Healing Event with Joe Hayes: Celebrating Spring

Saturday, May 4th/5:30pm-7:00pm/$30

“Sound is the medicine of the future.” ~Edgar Cayce

Sound vibration is a powerful tool to help recalibrate the body, mind and spirit.

Come join us as Joe Hayes of SoundScapers creates a ceremony and ritual, offering sacred sound as a means to connect with one's self on an intimate and personal level. Gentle guidance through meditation invites relaxation - turning inward, expanding outward. Joe builds a temple of therapeutic sound and tone in this group sound healing practice. Be bathed in sacred chant, guided imagery, the didgeridoo, the shruti box, and a full complement of quartz, fusion, and Tibetan sound bowls.

Chairs provided; feel free to bring a seat cushion and blanket for your comfort.

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